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President's Report

Welcome to AMTA website. Hope you have had a great start of the new school year amid the current circumstances, and that you and your loved ones are safe and well. Thank you for all your hard work, passion, and professional service to continue fostering the musical learning and performances of students across Alabama through your dedicated music teaching.

Although 2020 has certainly been a year filled with challenges that affected everyone, we are grateful to have the strong Alabama music teaching through each of you. We all had the opportunity to witness the outstanding adaptability and perseverance of your music teaching.

AMTA Statewide Music Weekend will be held on Feb 20-21, 2021. Please reach out to your local associations to get involved! We look forward to continuing this great program at AMTA.

The 2021 MTNA National Conference, scheduled for March 13-17, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia, will be a Virtual Conference. 2020 MTNA Virtual Conference continues to be available for viewing for free, you can access it through this link to view many fantastic sessions, presentations, performances, exhibits and showcases:

MTNA Attorney has provided a full document for members to navigate difficult digital copyright issues, FAQs for Online Music Competitions and Recitals. The full document may be accessed through this link:

MTNA Attorney has written a waiver, Authorization and Release From Liability Regarding In-Person Music Instruction, to satisfy all of the legal requirements for a document that releases music teachers from legal liability if one of their students becomes infected with COVID-19 after participation in music instruction in their studios. The waiver can be accessed through this link: 

Lastly, if you would like to refresh your understanding of the COVID-19 studio guidelines, it can be found in the MTNA document, Legal FAQs for Reopening Music Studios. The document can be accessed here:

Each of you is a much valued member of MTNA and AMTA. Please know that all of us are here to serve you, do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have any questions. If you have any questions for MTNA, you can call the MTNA headquarters at (888) 512-5278 or email them at

Thank you for your commitment towards AMTA, our students, and our members. Stay safe and stay well.


Melody Ng, NCTM – AMTA President